MyLaps EquipmentRunFAR uses  MyLaps Timing  timing equipment to ensure the most reliable results available.

Key Benefits for Race Organizers:

  • Accurate time
  • Disposable tag
  • Easy distribution with the bib
  • Race setup and cleanup much easier
  • Fewer race day volunteers needed
  • Elimination of a post-race traffic choke point
  • No fees for lost or unreturned tags
  • Less hassle post race
  • Lighter, less intrusive tag
  • Easier to attach to shoe or bib
  • No pre-race check-in
  • No post-race tag turn-in
  • Re-usable and disposable Tri-Tags
  • Disposable Cycling Tag
  • Helmet Tag option available

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to be certain the timing equipment can "read" your chip. 

B-Tag - The timing chip is embedded in your race bib. Make sure the bib is outside all clothing so the chip's signal is not blocked. Also, do not fold, crumple, or otherwise distort your bib as the built in antenna can break. 

MyLaps Bib


MyLaps Multi-Sport Tag - The MultiSports Tag is designed and optimized for triathlons and mud runs and works with the BibTag timing system. The MultiSports Tag provides the same outstanding accuracy and reliability as the BibTag in running races.

Disposable Multi-Sport Tag Re-usable Multi-Sport Tag



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